Fun Facts Friday: Tom Clancy
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / April 12, 2019

Tom Clancy (12 April, 1947 – 1 October, 2013) was a prolific bestselling American author known for his espionage books and military-science novels. Books by Tom Clancy* The author was born as Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. in Baltimore, MD, where he grew up. Mr. Clancy’s first novel, The Hunt for Red October, was sold to the Naval Institute Press for $5,000 in 1984. The Press Editor, Ms. Deborah Grosvenor said she thought “have a potential best seller here, and if we don’t grab this thing, somebody else would.” The Hunt for Red October was a favorite of President Ronald Reagan who said it was “the best yarn”. Seventeen of Mr. Clancy’s novels were number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. Because The Hunt for Red October was difficult to summarize, no one in Hollywood wanted to adapt it to a movie. It was only after Mace Neufeld, the producer, got a Paramount executive to read the novel that they got a green light for production. Several of Mr. Clancy’s novels were not only adapted into movies, but also to video games. In 1994 Mr. Clancy became part owner of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. Red Storm Rising (1986)…

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