Fun Facts Friday: Bernard DeVoto
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / January 11, 2019

Bernard DeVoto (11 January, 1897 – 13 November, 19550 was an American writer, historian, editor, and teacher. As well as a writer, Mr. DeVoto is remembered as a champion of public land conversation and civil liberties. Books by Bernard DeVoto* Mr. DeVoto was born in Ogden, Utah. Mr. DeVoto attended the University of Utah for one year, but then transferred to Harvard University. His studies were interrupted when he joins the Army in World War I. As an English instructor at Northwestern University he began publishing novels and articles. His nom de plumes were “John August” and Cady Hewes”. As an authority on Mark Twain, Mr. DeVoto served as curator and editor for Twain’s papers and wrote several publications on the famous author. Mr. DeVoto’s wife, Avis, was a book reviewer and editor as well as an accomplished cook and friends with Julia Child. Mr. DeVoto and Mrs. Child actually began corresponding when he wrote an article in Harper’s Magazine saying he hated stainless steel knives. Mrs. Child wrote him to say she agreed one hundred percent. Mrs. Child used Mrs. DeVoto as an editor when writing Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Their correspondence is held the Schlesinger Library…

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