Book Review: The Cook by Maylis de Kerangal
Latest Posts / January 2, 2019

About: The Cook  by Maylis de Kerangal (translated by Sam Taylor) is a fictional biography of Mauro, a young man who dreams of working as a cook / chef. Ms. de Kerangal is a prize winning French author.   112 pages Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (March 26, 2019) Language: English ISBN-10: 0374120900 My rating for The Cook – 4 Buy The Cook from* More Books by Maylis de Kerangal*   Thoughts: If I learned anything from The Cook  by Maylis de Kerangal (translated by Sam Taylor) is that I never want to work in a kitchen. I do enjoy cooking and baking breads, but I never had the desire to punish myself as a professional in that industry. This is a short book, a fast read, but very lyrical and imaginative. Mauro, the subject of this book, loves to cook and tries to find himself through various cuisines throughout the world. Even venturing into opening his own restaurant. Mauro’s life is intense, always a struggle in a fast paced world which he thrives on. Unlike many in his line of work, Maruro does not take it lightly when being humiliated and has the confidence and ability to simply walk out…

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