Fun Facts Friday: Giosuè Carducci
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / July 27, 2018

Giosuè Carducci (27 July, 1835 – 16 February, 1907) was a Nobel Prize winning Italian poet and author. The poet was brown in a small town in Tuscany. His father, a doctor, was very vocal about his politics advocating the unification of Italy. Due to his stand, Dr. Carducci had to move his family several times. In college Mr. Carducci translated Book 9 of Homer’s Iliad into Italian. A year after graduation, while working as a teacher, he published his first collection of poetry, Rime. In 1859 the poet married Elvira Menicucci, the couple had four kids together. The poet was appointed as Italian professor at the university in Bologna. In 1906, Mr. Carducci was the first Italian to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. Carducci was also an Italian Senator. Even though he mostly known for his poems, Mr. Carducci also wrote a large amount of literary criticisms, biographies, speeches and essays (enough to fill 20 volumes). Casa Carducci, the house where the poet died in (at age 71) is now a museum.

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