Fun Facts Friday: Erik Karlfeldt
Latest Posts / July 20, 2018

Erik Karlfeldt (20 July, 1864 – 8 April, 1931) was a popular Swedish poet, member of the Swedish Academy, and winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize in Literature. Books by Erik Karlfeldt* The poet was born Erik Axel Eriksson on a family farm in Karlbo. In 1889 he changed his last name to Karlfeldt in order to distance himself from his father who was a convicted criminal. Karlfeldt is thought to be the name of his father’s farm. He published his first poetry collection in 1895. Karlfeldt taught school to support himself while studying in Uppsala University. After graduating, Mr. Karlfeldt worked for five years at the Royal Library of Sweden. In 1917 he received an honorary doctorate from Uppsala University. Karlfeldt was a member of the Swedish Academy, the Nobel Institute of the Academy, and that of the Nobel Committee. In 1931, the poet was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature posthumously. It is rumored that Mr. Karlfeldt was offered the Nobel Prize in 1919 but declined. Zohar – Man of la Book *Ama­zon links point to an affiliate account

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