Fun Facts Friday: Robert Ruark
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / December 29, 2017

Robert Ruark (29 December, 1915 – 1 July, 1965) was an American author, columnist and hunter who wrote about his experiences. Image from Books by Robert Ruark* 1) Born in Wilmington, NC the family was hit hard by the Great Depression, but still managed to send the author to college, at age 15. 2) Contrary to popular belief, the author did not graduate with a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He did take a lot of journalism classes, and did graduate. 3) In 1936 Mr. Ruark moved to Washington DC and was hired as a copy boy for The Washington Daily News. Within a few months, he became the paper’s top sports reporter. 4) Serving in the US Navy during World War II, Mr. Ruark was an ensign and served ten months as a gunnery officer. 5) Mr. Ruark’s newspaper columns were collected into two books, I Didn’t Know It Was Loaded (1948) and One for the Road (1949). 6) Being a successful writer allowed the author to fulfill a lifelong wish and go on a safari to Africa. During his trip he was paired with a guide named Harry Selby because…

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