Fun Facts Friday: Betty Smith
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / December 15, 2017

Betty Smith (15 December, 1896 – 17 January, 1972) was an American author best known for her book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Books by Betty Smith* 1)      The author was born in Brooklyn, NY as the eldest of three children as Elisabeth Wehner. 2)      As a child, she loved the public library on Leonard Street. 3)      Mrs. Smith was made to quit school to help support her family. 4)      She met her husband, George H. E. Smith, a debate team coach, when working at a social service center on Jackson Street called the School Settlement Association. 5)      The couple moved to Queens, and eventually to Ann Arbor, MI. 6)      After raising their two girls, Mrs. Smith attended the University of Michigan even though she never finished high school. 7)      At the university, she won the Avery Hopwood Award. 8)      In 1938, the divorced author moved to Chapel Hill, NC and in 1943 married her second husband, Joseph Jones. 9)      Her famous book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, was published in 1943 as well. 10)   During her long career, Mrs. Smith received many awards and fellowships for her work in drama. Books by Betty Smith* Zohar – Man of LA…

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