Fun Facts Friday: Paul Erdman
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / May 19, 2017

Paul Erdman (19 May, 1932 – 23 April, 2007) was a financial and business writer. He was known for writing novels based on historical facts and complex financial intrigues. Books by Paul Erdman* 1)      The author earned a PhD in economics and was a former Lutheran seminarian. 2)      He was the first American to establish a private bank in Switzerland. 3)      The bank collapsed because of unauthorized speculation in cocoa and silver futures. 4)      Mr. Erdman started to write in a Swiss jail where he was serving time for his role in the collapse of a bank he ran. 5)      The jail Mr. Erdman was until he was charged was a 17th century dungeon in Basel, complete room services and wines. 6)      He is credited with popularizing financial fiction (affectionately called fi-fi). 7)      The reason he wrote a novel was because the dungeon did not have a research library. 8)      One of the inmates occupying the dungeon with Mr. Erdman was a French safecracker. Mr. Erdman traded wine for knowledge on safecracking and that became the first chapter in his book. 9)      From a business perspective, Mr. Erdman considered his time in jail as a positive. 10)   Mr. Erdman’s novels…

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