Fun Facts Friday: James A. Michener
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / February 3, 2017

James A. Michener (3 February, 1907 – 16 October, 1997) was an American author and Pulitzer Prize winner. Books by James A. Michener 1)      Mr. Michener did not know his biological parents or where he was born. He was raised by his adoptive parents in Doylestown, PA. 2)      After graduating from college he became a high school English teacher. 3)      During World War II Mr. Michener served in the US Navy. He traveled all of the South Pacific Ocean on different assignments which he was given by his commanders who mistakenly believed he was related to Admiral Marc Mitscher. 4)      He was assigned as a Navy historian in the South Pacific, his start in a writing career. 5)      In 1962 Mr. Michener tried to run as the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from PA, but did not get elected. 6)      Mr. Michener turned his notes and impressions as a Navy historian into his first boo, Tales of the South Pacific, published in 1947. 7)      He won the Pulitzer Prize for Tales of the South Pacific a year later, 1948, the book was turned into a successful Broadway musical and feature film called simply South Pacific. 8)      During…

Giveaway & Spotlight: Lessons from a Difficult Person
Latest Posts / February 1, 2017

My Journey as a Difficult Person People can use this picture to boost self-esteem: if you feel like a kitten, see yourself as a lion, and conquer the world. Perhaps I took this technique a touch too far. I thought I was a clever kitten, but my boss showed me that what the world saw was someone who acted lion-like, with anger, defensiveness, and disrespect. One day, I was having a mini-tantrum, and she pointed it out, inviting me to stop. I responded, honestly surprised—I didn’t know what she was talking about. She described me stomping around my cubicle, muttering, agitated, searching through papers, and added that my team members couldn’t focus or get work done. I hadn’t thought anybody else noticed, and didn’t think it impacted anybody else. This “Aha!” moment began a journey of recognizing that people perceived me as difficult. My husband, son, and friends concurred that I tended to flare up and argue. I asked for feedback and began to pay attention to how frequently I felt passionate and annoyed and how I was being perceived. I felt like a tiny person (kitten) inside, but the world saw a confident, educated, competent woman with aggressive tendencies…

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