Penguin Random House #GiveaBook
Latest Posts / November 30, 2016

This holiday season, Penguin Random House is giving you 5 books in your honor to donate to your community through our third annual #GiveaBook holiday campaign. Since 2014, Penguin Random House has donated more than 85,000 books to children across the country through First Book. First Book is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides new books and educational resources to children from low-income families. Claim 5 of these 50,000 books for your local community

Book Review: The Ninja, The Secret History of Ninjutsu by Kacem Zoughari Ph.D
4 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / November 29, 2016

About: The Ninja, The Secret History of Ninjutsu: Ancient Shadow Warriors of Japan by Kacem Zoughari Ph.D. is a fascinating history book. Dr. Zoughari is obviously involved in martial arts and the subject is dear to his heart. The publisher is giving away 1 copy of this book – enter using the Rafflecopter form at the end of the post. 208 pages Publisher: Tuttle Publishing; Hardcover with Jacket edition Language: English ISBN-10: 0804839271 My rat­ing for The Ninja, The Secret History of Ninjutsu— 4 Buy The Ninja, The Secret History of Ninjutsu from* Thoughts: The Ninja, The Secret History of Ninjutsu: Ancient Shadow Warriors of Japan by Kacem Zoughari Ph.D. is a very serious, meticulous and well researched book. The information in this book is very dense, and the list of resources and footnotes at the end is very impressive and will most like suffice as a comprehensive library of martial arts. This insightful book is filled with obscure and documented details about Ninjutsu, as well as Dr. Zoughari’s thoughts and fascinating analysis on the subject. The author was not pushing the Ninja character glorified by pop-culture, but clearly shows the skill and artistry of the Ninja as…

Fun Facts Friday: Lope Félix de Vega
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / November 25, 2016

Lope Félix de Vega (25 November, 1562 – 27 August, 1635) was a Spanish playwright, poet and novelist. The first signs of the author’s genius were in childhood, at age 5 he could read Spanish and Latin, at age 10 he was already translating from Latin. The author joined the Spanish navy in 1583 and saw action at the Battle of Ponta Delgada. He was commanded by Álvaro de Bazán, 1st Marquis of Santa Cruz, who would later become a close friend. After breaking up with his long time love, Elena Osorio (a married woman), de Vega launch bitter and cruel attacks on her and his family that he ended up serving an eight year sentence for libel, and a two banishment from Castile. Lope de Vega is still known as a key figures in the Spanish Golden Century of Baroque literature Cervantes nicknamed him “The Phoenix of Wits” and “Prodigy of Nature” due to the volume of his work Lope de Vega is regarded as one of the greatest dramatists in Western literature, his plays are still produced to this day around the world. There are over 3,000 sonnets, 3 novels, 4 novellas 9 epic poems, and about 500…

Book Spotlight: Blood Trails by Diane Capri
Latest Posts / November 23, 2016

About Blood Trails – the first of a new thriller series by Diane Capri Michael Flint is the heir hunter of last resort. A forensic genealogist and former clandestine agent specializing in high-end private investigations, he promises clients he can find anyone, anytime, anywhere—dead or alive. Laura Oakwood stands to lose more than $50 million in mineral royalties if she’s not found within seventy-two hours. But she presents an extra challenge: she’s been running from the law due to her involvement in a deadly armed robbery twenty-eight years ago.Texas oil baron Sebastian Shaw desperately needs Laura’s signature to take over her family’s oil fields. And Shaw’s bitter rival, Felix Crane, will do anything to keep that from happening. In a hunt stretching from dusty, hot West Texas to snowy Saskatchewan, Flint finds himself caught in the cross fire between dueling tycoons and avaricious mercenaries out for their own piece of the pie. On Flint’s side? A knack for keeping himself alive, a hard-won moral code, and buried questions about his own family that drive everything he does. As Flint tracks Laura, he delves into his own murky history, whose secrets he is only now beginning to uncover.

Book Spotlight: Deep Cover Jack by Diane Capri
Latest Posts / November 21, 2016

FBI Agents Otto and Gaspar pick up where Lee Child’s “Persuader” leaves off in the Hunt for Jack Reacher. In the thrilling followup to the ITW Thriller Award Finalist (“Jack and Joe”), FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar will wait no longer. They head to Houston to find Susan Duffy, one of Jack Reacher’s known associates, determined to get answers. But Duffy’s left town, headed for trouble. Otto and Gaspar are right behind her and powerful enemies with their backs against the wall will have everything to lose. “Full of thrills and tension, but smart and human, too. Kim Otto is a great, great character — I love her.” Lee Child, #1 World Wide Bestselling Author of Jack Reacher Thrillers Background about the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series Capri’s Hunt for Jack Reacher series is written with approval from Lee Child himself. The most recent entry, Jack and Joe, was nominated for a 2016 International Thriller Writers Award. Previously, Capri won the Silver Award for Best Thriller e-Book from the Independent Publishers Association. She releases the Hunt for Jack Reacher series digitally and in paperback through her own AugustBooks.

Fun Facts Friday: W.S. Gilbert
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / November 18, 2016

W.S. Gilbert (18 November, 1836 – 29 May, 1911) was an English poet, illustrator and dramatist. Mr. Gilbert is known for his collaboration with computer Sir Arthur Sullivan in musical theater. By Leslie Ward – Published in Vanity Fair, 21 May 1881; adjusted from [1] using colour cubes provided., Public Domain, Link The W.S. stands for William Schwenck. Mr. Gilbert’s father, also named William, was a naval surgeon and wrote short stories. Some of his stories were illustrated by his son. The young William traveled with his parents to German and Italy. In Naples he was kidnapped by brigands and ransomed back. He was a captain in the English militia Mr. Gilbert wrote criticism and humor pieces for London periodicals under the name of “Bab”, his childhood nickname. The first collaboration with Sullivan was for Thespis, or The Gods Grown Old – a Christmas piece. The show was so successful its run was extended. The 1870s were the peak collaborative years for Gilbert and Sullivan. Gilbert and Sullivan collaborated for over 20 years, but their relationship was severed due to finance. In 1907, Mr. Gilbert was knighted and retired to the country. He drowned in 1911. Zohar – Man of…

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