Excerpt from Unholy Code by Thomas Waite
Latest Posts / July 18, 2016

Acclaimed novelist Thomas Waite shares this short excerpt from Unholy Code, the latest thriller in his Lana Elkins series. “Look at the water, boy.” Vinko peered at its smooth surface and saw his reflection. “Your face is white as the clouds, isn’t it? Just like everyone else you see around here.” Vinko understood. He’d never known anybody who wasn’t white. They’d fished until sundown. After gathering up their gear, his father told him to look at the water again. The blood-red colors had appeared, darkening the boy’s face. “You’re no longer white. That’s what’s going to happen if we let the sun set on America. The white will disappear, and we’ll pay for it with blood.” His father had been right. The men in his family had all known that the most important threat of all wasn’t a gun or a knife, or even the mongrel races raging to get everything that belonged to whites. But it was all about blood. * * * A seventeen-year-old is impulsive. A seventeen-year-old feels immortal. A seventeen-year-old doesn’t understand that death can come in a whisper. Emma. I imagine my hot breath on her ear. I can help you. So her parents will be right…

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