Tips for Novice Writers
Latest Posts / January 17, 2015

You Want to be a Writer? Learn Your Craft! Well, at least learn about your craft and what you can look forward to as you begin this adventure. And it will be an adventure, certainly. You will have smooth journeys, crooked paths, mountains to climb and deserts to traverse. You will stay in luxurious hotels and in flop houses (in your mind, of course); and you will enjoy every minute of it, or you aren’t really a writer! What follows are 10 important tips for new writers, but there are many more that may come from both successful authors and other novices like yourself. If you read through these, however, reflect on them a bit, and still you want to write, then you are probably ready! Hours and Hours: Yes, you must be willing to spend hours of time engaged in your craft. If you have another job, it means you will be sacrificing some other things – some social time, some television, and, when you are “on a roll,” laundry, cooking and cleaning! Be certain that you want to do this badly enough, or you will become resentful. And it won’t just be the initial writing, because that is…

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