Guest Post: America’s First Air Hero’s of WWII or “Just An Easy Day”
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / December 7, 2014

On the eve of December 6th, Lieutenants Kenneth M. Taylor and George S. Welch, dressed in tuxedos, attended a formal dance at the Officer’s Club at Hickam Field. They left around 11 p.m. and drove back to the Bachelor’s Officer Quarters at Wheeler Field. The usual Saturday night poker game at the BOQ was in full swing so they sat in to play. Welch turned in early. Close to 4 a.m. a weary Taylor left the game to hit the sack thinking Sunday would just be another easy day.

Book Review: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / December 4, 2014

Mr. Gaiman is a master of the modern fairytale, a genre he helped create, abstractly manipulating physics and using legends as histories (“It all depends on how you look at it”, he says). The real power of the novel lies in the author’s writing and voice, he can describe scenes, people and events without much detail or verbiage, but the reader can draw a picture of the scene and get a feeling for the mood.

Guest Post: David Fennelly
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / December 3, 2014

Inkshares is the new frontier in publishing, combining the best of both worlds, hard copy and electronic. Inkshares is very ‘now’. Moreover, a legacy publisher takes 90% of the revenue, with just 10% going to the author. With Inkshares the split is 70-30, in the author’s favour. A much better deal for the writer.

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