Kiva – New Loan
Latest Posts / September 27, 2014

We made another micro-loan, this time to someone in these United States who fell on hard times due to medical issues. Very sad and honestly, quite embarrassing that this keeps happening every day, to thousands of people, in the strongest, richest country the world has ever known. Click here to donate yourself   Unsatisfied with corporate America, Rosita started her own business because she needed a livelihood. Rosita sells cosmetics and provides beauty consultations to women. “My business allows me to help women build confidence. I love encouraging other women to create the life they’ve always dreamed of,” explained Rosita. Over the last 19 years, Rosita has experienced success with her business. Yet, for Rosita, her biggest success has been her personal growth. “It has shown my children how to follow their dreams,” said Rosita. Recently, Rosita has experienced health issues that have drained her financially. She needs to purchase a computer to help her with record keeping and marketing. In addition, Rosita will use the computer to further her education. Help Rosita increase her sales by updating her technology!

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