Guest Post: Feeling Nostalgic: Stephen King’s Night Shift to the Rescue
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / June 10, 2014

Although there are many great authors today, and the technology of the Internet allows more and more to publish works every day, sometimes I feel nostalgic for books I haven’t read in more than a decade. Such is the case with Stephen King’s Night Shift. I remember reading this novel when I was much younger as my father had a copy from 1979. Currently, its worn pages and creased spine and cover demonstrate the passage of time. Acquiring the Book – During a recent yard sale, my father was trying to sell his collection of Stephen King books. When I saw that a piece of my childhood was on the table, I snatched the book immediately. Since he knew how important it was to me, he let me have the aged novel. As soon as I had a moment to myself that night, I opened the book and began to relive moments of my childhood through reading its pages. Timeless Content – Many of the stories within Night Shift had been published in a variety of magazines in the 1970s. Although the stories were more than 20 years old by the time I first laid eyes on them, the style seemed timeless….

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