Fun Facts Friday: Maud Hart Lovelace
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / April 26, 2013

Maud Hart Lovelace (26 April, 1892 – 11 March, 1980) was an American author mostly noted for her Betsy – Tacy books. The Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award is presented in two categories, : grades 3–5 and grades 6–8. Children who have read at least three books in the relevant category cast a vote for their favorite. Some believe that Maud’s birthday was 25 April, and that what she believed until she was 50. However, she later discovered her birthday was actually 26 April. All fun facts were extracted from Books by Maud Hart Lovelace Maud, an avid reader, started writing stories as soon as she could hold a pencil. Maud had to drop out of the University of Minnesota for health reasons. She went to California to recover and in the process sold her first story. The story was called Number Eight and Maud was paid $10 for it. After she finished the university, Maud went to Europe by herself (1914) to gather material. Maud incorporated the letters she wrote home in her books (written by Betsy). In early 1917 Maud got a job at the Wakefield Publicity Bureau to fill a position which Delos Lovelace left for…

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