Fun Facts Friday: Sax Rohmer
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / February 15, 2013

Prolific English author Sax Rohmer was born on this day in 1883 (d: 1 June, 1959). Mr. Rohmer is best known for his series featuring the mastermind Dr. Fu Manchu. A few months ago I also did a Fun Facts post about the character Dr. Fu-Manchu.     More books by Sax Rohmer Sax Rohmer’s real name is Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward. Before being a novelist, Rohmer was a song and comedy sketch writer. Rohmer claimed his was a member for the qabbalistic Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as well as having ties to the Rosicrucians (study or membership in secret societies). However his claims were never proven and many think that they were just used to boost his reputation as an occult writer. Among his literary influences Rohmer named Edgar Allan Poe, M.P. Shiel and Arthur Conan Doyle. Rohmer published his first novel called Pause! Anonymously. The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu was an immediate success. The first three books in the Fu-Manchu series were published between 1913 and1917. The fourth book was published in 1931 (14 years later). Between 1931 and 1959, Rohmer wrote 10 more novels in the series. Contrary to Rohmer’s books which tells of a crime…

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