Fun Facts Friday: Superman
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / September 28, 2012

Yesterday I reviewed Superman: The High-Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero by Larry Tye, a wonderful book and even a big Superman fan like myself learned a few things. While all of the facts below might not be in the book (many are), I do hope you’ll read it and let me know what you thought. 1 ) Superman’s original artist, Joe Shus­ter, stylized the Man of Steel on Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Comic movies star Harold Lloyd influenced the look of Clark Kent. 2 ) Superman is the first superhero whose alter ego is a man. 3 ) Lois Lane was modeled after Joanne Carter. Joanne later married Jerry Siegel – Superman’s writer. 4 ) It took Siegel and Shuster six years to find a publisher. 5 ) Superman’s earth parents, known today as Jonathan and Martha Kent, had numerous name changes. They were: “passing motorists” in Action Comics #1 (1938), “Mary Kent” in Superman #1 (1939) “Eben and Sarah Kent” in The Adventures of Superman (a 1942 novel by George Lowther) and in the Adventures of Superman TV series “John and Mary Kent” in Superman #53 (1948) Mr. Kent is given the first name of Jonathan in Adventure Comics #149 Mrs….

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