Grandfather’s Book Published – A Tragedy
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / July 12, 2012

The story of how Pegasus Falling came to be published is possibly as tragic as the story within its pages. William Thomas, my grandfather, was born in 1925. He started work as a messenger at theBBC at the age of 14. When war broke out, he went to work with his father at a factory in Harrow. While still a teenager, William joined the army and was soon recruited in to the Parachute Regiment. By May 1945, he had been “dropped” in to a number of key battles and become a much decorated soldier. He was still only 19 years old. Following the war, he served in Palestine until 1948. William has six children. As they were growing up, he was working and studying in shifts as a merchant seaman and an engineer. He was one of the first students to enrol at The Open University and in his mid fifties, he decided to work there full time as a lab technician, remaining there until his retirement in 1990. Having become quickly bored of the life of a pensioner, he looked around for something to keep him occupied. A lover of the arts, in particular music and literature, he bought…

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