Thoughts on: Man At a Machine by Stef Wertheimer

Article first published as Book Review: Man At a Machine by Stef Wertheimer on Blogcritics. About: Man At a Machine by Stef Wertheimer is an autobiography of the Israeli industrialist. My father has always admired Mr. Wertheimer, unfortunately he did not live long enough to read this book which I’m sure he would have loved. 383 pages Publisher: yediot sfarim (2011) Language: Hebrew ASIN: B00641DQDM My rating for Man at a Machine – 5 Buy this book in paper format. Thoughts: Man At a Machine by Stef Wertheimer is more than just a biography, it is an important document of what can be achieved with dedication and creativity. Mr. Wertheimer came to Israel as a boy after his family escaped Germany during the 1930’s and has became a successful entrepreneur and statesman. The self-made man, who built his first business with his own two hands believing in himself and his foresight, is not only one of the captains of Israeli industry but also a posses a unique ideology. Mr. Wertheimer’s views were shaped and solidified by his parents, who accurately forecasted Europe’s turmoil and managed to get out in 1936, when Stef was 10 years old. To this day, in his…

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