Free Digital Comic: LUTHER
Latest Posts / March 19, 2012

From comic creator Mark Waid: originally posted at Hi. Mark Waid here. As promised if you were paying attention at WonderCon today during my spotlight panel, here’s a free PDF download of a short digital-comics story I did as proof-of-concept with the talented artist Jeremy Rock.  It’s a little zombie story called “Luther”, and it’s a sample of the approach I’m taking to my long-promised–and now imminent–series of Digital Comics. Download it for free. Open it in whatever program you use to read PDF files. A simple right-click or page-tap takes you through, screen by screen, dead simple. For best results, view it full-screen, landscape format, so each image reads as a separate “page.” And enjoy. Free from Jeremy and me to you. If you like it, we could use your assistance. Send the link to your friends. In fact, I encourage you to share “Luther” with as many people as you like. Help us spread the word. Help us show off what we think Digital Comics can be. Help point the audience here. It’d be much appreciated. Then come back here April 2 to see what else I have in mind for the future of webcomics and find out how you can participate. This is big.

Guest Post: Social Media Optimization for Authors, Writers, and Book Publishers
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / March 19, 2012

  Before anything else, here is a good question for anyone who intends to launch and endorse his or her next book usinmg social media. “How do you plan to create a fan base on Twitter, Facebook, or any social networking site?”   Internet Facts First, let us look into important numbers regarding the Web’s development more than two decades ago.   The first website was set up in 1990. There were 252 million people in North America and 738 million in Asia browsing the Internet by 2009. There were 234 million websites by 2010 with 1.8 billion users.   Social Media Truths Those are statistical facts about the Internet. Now, let us proceed with a few insights on social media.   Facebook has over 650 million users. Many people view more than 30 billion YouTube videos in a month. Twitter has received 74 million unique visits in January 2010 and has passed the 10-billion Tweet mark after two months.   What do all these details mean to you and your profession then? Social media is capable of strengthening your content.   Social Media Optimisation OK. So, what comes next? Now, here are some strategies for specific sites.   1….

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