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Welcome to the December 4, 2011 edition of book review blog carnival. Book Reviews Zohar presents Thoughts on: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami posted at Man of la Book. Zohar presents Thoughts on: The Family Affair by Leon H. Gildin posted at Man of la Book. Sarah Ahmad presents Frankenstein posted at The Book Nook. Zohar presents Thoughts on: The Emperor of Lies by Steve Sem-Sandberg posted at Man of la Book. Books Raphael presents Great American Stories Ten Unabridged Classics posted at Extreme eBooks, Audiobooks and Software Downloads, saying, “These ten classic stories from four of America’s greatest authors of the 19th and early 20th century were selected for their literary importance as well as their dramatic oral qualities. The stories include Mark Twain’s “The One-Million Pound Bank Note,” “A Visit to Niagara,” and “A Mysterious Visit;” Stephen Crane’s “The Blue Hotel;” Ambrose Bierce’s “The Eyes of the Panther;” and Jack London’s “The Love of Life” and “To Build a Fire.”” Fiction Sandor presents 4. Eddard: The Burger King Cometh! posted at Mummers Farce, saying, “Looking at the Song of Ice and Fire series with a particularly juvenile bent.” Non Fiction Kevin presents 7 Wealth Building Strategies | Invest It…

Author Q&A with Leon H. Gildin
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / December 3, 2011

Leon H. Gildin (web­site) wrote The Polski Affair (my thoughts) and its sequel The Family Affair (my thoughts). Both books were very interesting about events which happened during World War II of which I knew nothing about. Books by Leon H. Gildin Q. How did you go about doing research for your books? A. The initial research was done some thirty or more years ago by a former client, Abraham Shulman, (I was his attorney) and published under the title The Case of Hotel Polski. It consisted of historical research combined with interviews of survivors and was so unbelievable that it remained with me. Many years ago I tried writing a play about the Polski and what went on there but the first few scenes had so many characters that I decided it wouldn’t work. Years later I reread Shulman’s work and a novel started to form taking bits and pieces from the interviews in the formation of the characters. Further research was done on the internet and, in all, it took about a year to write. Q. Do we, to this day, know what the whole scheme of the Polski Hotel was about? A. Do you have a theory?…

Google Friends Connect – No More
Latest Posts / December 1, 2011

Google has announced that they will no longer support Google Friends Connect (GFC) on non-blogger blogs such as  That is too bad, I found GFC to be a useful application working in connection with my Google Reader. If you do follow with GFC you can sign up to follow via email (link on the right), RSS Feed, Networked Blogs (link on the right) or Google+. So tell me, will you miss GFC? Zohar – Man of la Book

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