Author Q&A with Ann Weisgarber
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / November 9, 2011

Ann Weis­gar­ber (web­site) wrote The Per­sonal His­tory of Rachel DuPree (my thoughts) which is a unique and involved book. This was her first book and an award winning one as well which, of course, provoked some questions in my curious mind. Q.As a white woman, did you have trepidations writing a book about an African-American woman and African-American culture? A. When I first began to write this story, I didn’t think about publication. If I had worried about that, I would not have written one sentence. Every objection – this was not my story to tell, publishers wouldn’t be interested, I might be criticized – would have stopped me in my tracks if I thought anyone would read it. Instead, I wrote this story because I was inspired by a photograph that I happened to see in a small museum while I was in the West. It was of a woman sitting in front of a sod dugout. She was alone, the picture was not labeled, and she was African American. There was something about her that spoke to me. It was as though she looked beyond the camera and said, “I existed; I mattered. I had a story.” I…

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