Guest Post: Marketing Books in the Social Media Age
Uncategorized / October 9, 2011

Marketing Books in the Social Media Age This is a guest post from James Norman, a writer for the content creation firm Article Writing Services. Advantages To Contemporary Marketing There are several challenges to today’s marketing scene that would seem to prohibit great success in publicizing books. A damaged economy translates into purses held more tightly and coffers that aren’t brimming at the edges. In short, it has become much harder to convince someone that their dollars are well spent on a particular item, including a book. In spite of this fact, this era of even more sophisticated technology provides for some assets to literary marketing. The biggest current web trend is social media; when used effectively, it can establish hype around a new title and get people excited about looking for it as soon as it’s available. Although new technology continues to be all the rage, there seems to be a return in favor of real human contact as well. Providing opportunities to associate a book with an actual flesh-and-blood person is a smart way to build interest in its release date. How to Market Books Today The best ways to get the word out on books these days…

Free eReaders or an eReader War?
Latest Posts , Opinion / October 5, 2011

In 2009 there were rumors abound that at this time (November 2011) the Amazon Kindle eReader might be free. The steady and drop in price (about $50 every few months) led many to believe that this will be the case. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, didn’t confirm or deny those rumors. Picture from The Technium Now we are here and the Kindle isn’t free – but it’s $79 which is a huge markdown from its original price. Will this be the beginning of eReader wars? Will giving out free eReaders will be a way to combat the iPad2? Now we know that Bezos had under his Amazonians sleeves the Kindle Fire – which to be honest the more I see the more I like. But there is one thing we have to keep in mind: the goal is not to sell devices, but to sell content. Much like video games, believe it or not. The video game systems are sold at cost (which is why they never go on sale), the companies make their money selling games (content). I don’t know how much it costs to make a Kindle, nook or any other eReader but I’m sure the markup on it…

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