Thoughts on: In Session by M.J. Rose
5 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / October 22, 2011

About: In Session by M.J. Rose is a short book which contains three short stories. This is a unique book because Ms. Rose uses three fictional characters of other authors who visit her creation – a sex therapist. ASIN: B005OLJ3VC My rating for In Session – 5 Buy & Save on In Session through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account on: Ama­zon  & Audio | Kindle Books Featuring: Dr. Snow | Cotton Malone | Jack Reacher | John Rain Thoughts: In Session by M.J. Rose (web­site | Twit­ter) is a likeable book and interesting as well. The book flatly falls under the category of “fan fiction” but it is written by an established and successful author. The common denominator between all stories is Ms. Rose’s creation of sex-therapist Dr. Morgan Snow  who analyzes three famous fictional characters Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone and Barry Eisler’s John Rain. When I read the synopsis for the book, the first thing that came into my mind was how will Ms. Rose come up with reasons to put Reacher, the drifter, Malone, the covert agent (or former) and Rain, an assassin, on a sex therapist’s couch? After all, many men much less formidable than…

Fun Facts Friday: The Three Musketeers
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / October 21, 2011

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas has been one of my favorite novels for years, ever since I was a little boy. I’m glad to see that a new movie has been made, movies of famous books always generate interest in the original and get new following. Alexander Dumas based the book on historical events, but also took great liberties. It seems Dumas was more interested in writing good fiction than accurate history. However, those persons who did exist he captured without many grave errors.

Amazon Publishing – Good or Bad?
Latest Posts , Opinion / October 19, 2011

I’m sure many of us noticed the New York Times story about’s efforts to become a publisher. The company’s efforts to become a publisher are getting many folks in the publishing industry worried – and rightly so. Disclosure: I have been an’s customer for more than 15 years and have an affiliate account with them. While I don’t agree with their strong arm, sometimes mafia like tactics with publishers, I highly respect their business model of delivering what the customer wants at a fair price and not trying to get the customer to buy what they want to sell. Sadly a common business practice these days. If you read the article you’d notice that Amazon has been publishing books for years, the big news is that they signed up their first major author, Timothy Ferriss who will publish his next self-help book with Amazon. The article makes two points which I thought were very interesting: 1) Unlike other publishers, has almost a one-to-one relationship with their customers. and 2) Amazon is a technology company which embraces publishing, not the other way around. As consumer of books, we all noticed the difficulties the publishing industry has with technology,…

Guest Post: Brad Pitt at the Grocery Store by David Ward-Nanney
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / October 18, 2011

When I look at Brad Pitt, I do not see the handsome rich guy who portrayed Tyler Durden, one of my all-time favorite movie characters. I do not see the man who is fully occupying Angelina Jolie, thereby ensuring the safety of any number of high profile men. I see a man who cannot go to the grocery store without being mobbed. This is my personal nightmare. Until 31 July 2009 it was not possible to Google me. As far as the Internet, a number of old girlfriends, and various government agencies were concerned, I did not exist. This was perfect. My preference is to be left to my own devices, to be left alone. It is one of the reasons I enjoy writing so much. Then I wrote a novel (A Particular Obedience) and was faced with the terrible conflict of wanting my privacy yet not wanting to be ignored. There was no way for me to sell books without my name surfacing on the Internet. I had decided against a pseudonym because writing was simply the best representation of who I am. It would be cowardly to turn away from that identity. So on 31 July 2009 I…

Author Q&A with David Mar­golick
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / October 17, 2011

David Margolick’s book Elizabeth and Hazel (my thoughts) is a fascinating book about two fascinating women. The book tackles tough and sensitive issues while following the trials and tribulations of Eliz­a­beth Eck­ford and Hazel Bryan were cap­tured for pros­per­ity in a pho­to­graph by Will Counts while on Elizabeth’s first day at the newly desegregated Central High School in Little Rock, AR. Q. What prompted you to write Elizabeth and Hazel? A. I had known and been fascinated by the famous photograph of Elizabeth and Hazel, taken in front of Little Rock Central High School during the desegregation crisis of 1957, as long as I can remember. Who, after all, doesn’trecognize Hazel’s hate-filled face? It has come to represent all of the malice and racism of the South during the early days of the Civil Rights movement, while Elizabeth, dignified and stoic, personifies the great courage of blacks fighting bigotry. So when I went to Little Rock in 1999 and learned, from a poster at the Central High School National Historic Site showing the two of them, as grown women, apparently reconciled — they were smiling and seeming at ease with one another — I wanted to know how something so improbable had ever come to pass. So I started…

Author Q&A with Karl Friedrich
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / October 15, 2011

Karl Friedrich (web­site) wrote the historical fiction Wings: A Novel of World War II Fly­girls (my thoughts). Wings is a wonderful book about the US Army’s Women Air­force Ser­vice Pilot or WASP. Those brave women flew planes for the military around the country providing variety of functions, transport, placement and even target practice. The women of WASP finally got their long deserved acknowledgment by receiving the Congressional Gold Medal (see video at the bottom). Q. How did you come up with the idea to write about WASP? A.  My muses were failure and a blunt acquaintance. I’d written a science fiction novel that didn’t sell; which was fortunate, as I now realize it was just awful. I was sitting in this fellow’s office, bemoaning the world’s lack of taste and intelligence, and he interrupted with the suggestion that I stop whining and write about something I know something about, meaning aviation and America during World War II. We then more or less hit at the same time upon the idea of using the WASP as the basis for a novel. I headed to the Beverly Hills library the following Saturday to begin my research. Q.  Did you get to interview…

Fun Facts Friday: Victor Hugo and Adèle Foucher
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / October 14, 2011

Tomorrow, October 14 1822, we will celebrate the anniversary of famous writer and poet Victor Hugo marrying his childhood sweetheart Adèle Foucher. The marriage survived infidelities, children and scandal. 1 )      Hugo’s brother suffered a nervous breakdown at the wedding breakfast 2 )      That same year Hugo published his poetry collection which won him a pension from Louis XVIII. 3 )      Adèle was Hugo’s neighbor’s daughter. 4 )      Mrs. Hugo was against the marriage, believing her son should marry into a better family. The couple got together after Mrs. Hugo’s death. 5 )      Victor & Adèle had five children. 6 )      Victor started messing around with Juliette Drouet, who became his mistress. 7 )      Around the same time Adèle became involved with a critic and Victor’s good friend Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve. 8 )      Drouet became Victor’s unpaid secretary and even though he had several affairs he always came back to her. 9 )      Victor and another mistress, Léonie Biard, got busted during one of their escapades. Biard went to jail for adultery. Victor walked away, being a pair de France he had immunity from prosecution. (Robb) 10)   Alice Ozy was the fiancé of Victor’s son. However she was unfaithful and he asked…

Book Review: Wings by Karl Friedrich
4 Stars , Fiction , Historical Fiction , Latest Posts / October 13, 2011

Sally Ketchum came from a poor family of dirt farmers, her mundane life were changed forever once she met a Tex, a pilot who makes his living barnstorming. However Tex died in an accident and Sally enrolls in the Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) program.

At the school, known as Avenger Sally learns to fly planes, large and small, contended with sexism, egoism on part of her commanders and fellow WASP , and high powered Washington lawyers hell bent on shutting the program down.

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