Amazon Publishing – Good or Bad?
Latest Posts , Opinion / October 19, 2011

I’m sure many of us noticed the New York Times story about’s efforts to become a publisher. The company’s efforts to become a publisher are getting many folks in the publishing industry worried – and rightly so. Disclosure: I have been an’s customer for more than 15 years and have an affiliate account with them. While I don’t agree with their strong arm, sometimes mafia like tactics with publishers, I highly respect their business model of delivering what the customer wants at a fair price and not trying to get the customer to buy what they want to sell. Sadly a common business practice these days. If you read the article you’d notice that Amazon has been publishing books for years, the big news is that they signed up their first major author, Timothy Ferriss who will publish his next self-help book with Amazon. The article makes two points which I thought were very interesting: 1) Unlike other publishers, has almost a one-to-one relationship with their customers. and 2) Amazon is a technology company which embraces publishing, not the other way around. As consumer of books, we all noticed the difficulties the publishing industry has with technology,…

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