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Latest Posts , Opinion / October 8, 2011

I recently got an email from Bradley S. Wirz, Founder & CEO of Gone Reading International, LLC which intrigued me very much. I am a firm believer in libraries and their benefits to society. I believe that they are the great equalizer between the rich and the poor and their importance cannot be overstated. Mr. Wirz asked me to help him bring to the attention of the bookish world that GoneReading.com pledges 100% of their profits to fund new reading libraries in the developing world, as well as other literacy projects. Mr. Wirz came up with the idea while volunteering in Central America. He helped build a library in the middle of the Honduran jungle (now that would be a sight to see). Turned out that thousands of people had no access to books at all, makes me a bit sad to think that thousands of people in first world countries don’t realize how lucky they are. Mr. Wirz started GoneReading and features bookish gifts with original designs and slogans Check out their wonderful collection and know that while getting a great gift for your family and friends, you’re also helping others less fortunate. Zohar – Man of la Book

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