Thoughts on: What Really Matters by Haim Shapira
4 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / September 25, 2011

About: “What Really Matters” by Haim Shapira is a non-fiction book which asks many philosophical questions and sometimes even answers them. The literal translation of the title is “On Really Important Things”. My rating for What Really matters – 4 Thoughts: “What Really Matters” by Haim Shapira asks some very important questions such as “what happens when Winnie the Pooh meets Woody Allen?”, “how are Wonderland (of Alice fame) and The Matrix connected?” and tries to answer such universal queries as to the philosophy of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The book touches on many subjects which bother many people on a daily base. What is happiness? How can we capture it? As a mathematician, Mr. Shapira also brings some very interesting, enlightening and entertaining statistical studies about the subjects which he writes about. For example, many people would prefer to have a proof of an experience than to actually have the experience with no memory of it (then again, if you have no memory then did you really have the experience?). Dear Man, Everyday when I get up I feel how lucky I am to be your wife. Life with you is truly and adventure and I cherish every moment I am…

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