Fun Facts Friday: The Marriage of Leo & Sofya Tolstoy
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / September 23, 2011

September 23, 1862 marks the wedding anniversary of one of them the most tumultuous couples in literary history (and there were many) when Leo Tolstoy married Sophie Andreyevna Behrs. The couple not only had 16 years of difference in their ages, but also had different values, goals and clashing personalities. Tolstoy maintained that the problems started about 14 years into their marriage, he wrote in 1894: “It began that time fourteen years ago, when the string snapped and I became aware of my loneliness.” But in his 1994 book “Love and Hatred: The Troubled Marriage of Leo and Sonya Tolstoy”, journalist William L. Shirer (Amazon Page) wrote: “In truth, their diaries show, it began at the very outset of their marriage.” 1 ) Leo and Sofya’s mothers were childhood friends. 2 ) Leo decided that if Sofya’s sister, Tanya, sang the last high note of a song well it would be a sign from G-d to propose. Tanya sang. Leo proposed. Sofya accepted. Leo, a writer through and through, proposed through a letter: “Sofya Andreyevna, the situation has become intolerable to me. Every day for three weeks I have sworn to myself: today I shall speak; and every day I…

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