Author Q&A with Cynthia Kocialski
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / September 22, 2011

Cynthia Kocialski wrote the book “Startup From the Ground Up” (book review) which I thought was very informative. I actually wished I had this book earlier in my life, during or right after high sch0ol. I had several questions for Ms. Kocialski and was lucky enough that she answered them. Q. I’m a big proponent of education, but I noticed they teach us how to work in factories, not how to start a business. Is there any way we can change that? A. I recognize the same problem with my children in school. The public school system was started to provide better workers so as a country, our industry was better than that of other countries and hence we had a wealthier nation. But now, we and every other country provides public education to all people, and it is no longer differentiates us. Today, unskilled labor often refers to high school graduates, but one hundred years ago, a high school diploma was really something special. If every person receives the same set of skills and training through their education, why do some thrive and some not? A skill alone will not make someone successful – no more than a product alone…

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