Author Q&A with J.E. Fishman
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / September 13, 2011

Author J.E. Fish­man had a very inter­est­ing career in the book busi­ness; his blog is fas­ci­nat­ing and enlight­en­ing. Mr. Fish­man took the time to answer some ques­tions I had about his new thriller “Primacy” (book review).   Q. Why was it important for you to write a book about animal testing? A. The way we treat things over which we have power is a reflection not only of our values but of our humanity. There are estimated to be 100 million vertebrates locked up in animal testing facilities all over the United States – more than fifty thousand of these non-human primates. They are transported in unmarked vehicles and hidden behind unidentified doors. It’s a big industry that’s conducting what amounts to institutionalized torture of lesser beings. This is in the name of our society, because it’s said to be for the greater good. Primacy is not a philosophical treatise; it’s a thriller. But sometimes entertainment can help us sort through our own humanity or inhumanity. Why are these animals hidden away? The scientists will tell you it’s because, otherwise, crazy animal rights terrorists will attack them. That may be part of the reason. But historically society also hides things…

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