Fun Facts Friday: Mort Walker
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / September 2, 2011

Tomorrow, September 3 will be the birthday of author and cartoonist Mort Walker (September 3, 1923). Mr. Walker (website) is mostly known for creating the comic strip Beetle Bailey in 1950 as well as Hi and Lois in 1954. Mr. Walker has written several excellent books on comics history and comic art as well as children’s books. 1 ) Born Addison Morton Walker in El Dorado, KS but grew up in Kansas City, MI. 2 ) Published his first comic strip at age 11. 3 ) Sold his first cartoon at age 12. 4 ) At 15 Mr. Walker already worked as a comic=strip artist for a newspaper and was chief editorial designer at Hall Brothers by the time he was 18. 5 ) Serving in the Army during World War II, Mr. Walker was honorably discharged as a first lieutenant. 6 ) “Beetle Baily” was picked up for syndication in 1950 by King Features. 7 ) In 1954 the Army’s paper Stars & Stripes dropped the strip because “it supposedly engendered lack of respect for officers”. Subsequently and due to the large press this move received the strip was picked up by more than 100 newspapers. 8 ) In…

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