Fun Facts Friday: Jacqueline Susann
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / August 19, 2011

Tomorrow will be the birthday of bestselling author Jacqueline Susann (August 20, 1918 – September 21, 1974). While many people had issues with Ms. Susann’s writing skills, she did write several best sellers. 1 )      Jacqueline’s father, Robert, was a portrait painter, her mother, Rose Jans, was a school teacher. 2 )      Jacqueline was known as an intelligent, but lazy student. When Jacqueline scored 140 on her IQ test it prompted her mother to predict that she would become a good writer. 3 )      Wanting to become an actress, Jacqueline participated in seven movies or TV shows. 4 )      Jacqueline hosted a TV talk show called Jacqueline Susann’s Open Door which only lasted about two months. 5 )       “Valley of the Dolls” was rejected by several publishers before becoming a hit. 6 )      The book broke several sales records (it sold around 30 million copies). 7 )      Jacqueline made a cameo appearance as a reporter in the film “Valley of the Dolls”. 8 )      Even though she was in it, Jacqueline hated the film adaptation of her book and walked out of the premiere. 9 )      Jacqueline had three books on the bestseller list all at once. The books were…

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