Guest Post: A Lyrical and Mysterious Journey to Self Help by Paula Renaye
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / August 9, 2011

Sometimes—maybe a lot of times—things that don’t seem so pleasant when they happen are pivotal turning points when we look back on them. For me, it was the sudden loss of my dad in 1991. When I made the decision to walk away from college and a promising journalism career to be married, it required that I lop off a part of my soul, package it up with my dreams and lock it all away. I didn’t write much of anything for years, but when the emotional backlash from my dad’s death finally hit me, it broke open that carefully constructed vault and I, well, suddenly started hearing voices. Actually, what I heard were songs.  Lyrics and melodies would just pop into my head, and after a while, I figured I better start writing them down. They just kept coming, and eventually I realized that I was having fun again. Over a period of maybe four months, I created a fairly substantial list of sons and even had a couple of local groups perform a couple of them in public venues with some press. I was thrilled to have my work “out there” again. My husband was not so thrilled,…

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