Fun Facts Friday: George Sand
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / July 1, 2011

Today is the birthday of famed author George Sand. Despite the name, Sand was a woman who had a very interesting life. Here are ten facts about her. Portrait of George Sand by Auguste Charpentier (1838) 1)      Born in France on this day in 1804 under the name Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin. 2)      Sand was a descendent of Augustus II the Strong, King of Poland through her father, through illegitimate lines. 3)      Sand became Baroness Dudevant through marriage. 4)      Sand justified her cross dressing (wearing men’s clothes) by saying that they are less expensive and more comfortable than the dress of a noblewoman. 5)      Not giving a hair rat’s behind about social codes, Sand shocked Parisian society by smoking tobacco in public. 6)      Despite, or because, or her behavior, Sand was both hated and admired by writers of her time. 7)      Two years after her divorce, Sand started a love affair with famed composer Frederic Chopin. 8 )      Sand wrote several books in which she drew from her countryside childhood experiences at her grandmother’s estate. 9)      Later, Sand’s inherited the countryside estate and retired there. 10)   Sand’s autobiography is 20 volumes in length. Zohar – Man of la Book   Related articles…

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