Author Q&A with Paul Seesequasis
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / July 28, 2011

The book “Tobacco Wars” (book review) was a strange one. I’ve had several questions about ti and Mr. Seesequasis was kind enough to answer them. Q. How much of the part about Pocahontas is based on actual events? A.Only a few ‘bare’ essentials – no pun intended. Pocahontas was married to John Rolfe, she did attend Ben Jonson’s masque in London, the King was in attendance beside her, she did get pregnant. The rest is fiction, somewhat stylized as a period romance but with a deliberately sparse narrative arc – one can barely imagine what she experienced in traveling to and encountering an ‘old’ world she previously knew nothing about. It must have been dream-like to her. In its essence her ‘discovery’ goes both ways and her historical reception as an ‘Indian princess’ laid the foundation for all the romanticization of her to come. Regardless of that fact, it was integral to me that she was never a ‘victim’, even becoming an entrepreneur exporting tobacco. Q. How much of the part about Mother Bear is based on Indian legends? A.Bear exists within many Native American legends and  myths. In writing these parts, which some readers are taken aback by, I…

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