Author Q&A with Keith Donohue
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / July 17, 2011

Author Keith Dono­hue (web­site) wrote the black comedy “Centuries of June” (book review) which I very much enjoyed . I had many questions about this strange book, which somehow works. I actually got to ask a few of them. I love book blogging. Q. I found it hard to categorize “Centuries of June”, how would you categorize the book? A. Centuries of June defies categorization.  It is a literary novel that spoofs the conventions of the murder mystery and the ghost story, as well as a novel-in-stories in the mode of “Canterbury Tales” or “If on a winter’s night a traveller…”  It is a black comedy about the cycle of life and love, being stuck in the bathroom, and how we tell stories to remember where we have been and to project where we may be going. Q. The book moves between genres, mystery, myth, folk tale and more. Was it difficult writing in different genres in the same book? A. Part of the fun of writing the novel was the play among the various genres. Some of the stories are based on actual events but reinterpreted for my own nefarious ends. Some of them are based on folklore or…

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