Author Q&A with Stefan Merill Block
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / June 28, 2011

Stefan Merill Block (web­site) wrote a very lyrical book called “The Storm at the Door” (book review) which I found fascinating. The subject matter were the lives of Mr. Block’s grandparents, however the story he tells is fictional, more likely a family-historical fiction type. Mr. Block was kind enough to answer my questions with very thought provoking responses. Q. Did you have some trepidations writing a novel about your grandparents? A. Actually, much more than anything I’ve written before or since, this felt like something I absolutely had to write. The loss of my grandparents – particularly the loss of my grandfather, whom I never met—has always haunted me. My grandparents continue to feel so present in my family and in my own life, and they have been gone for decades. This book came out of an urgency I have always felt, the need to know them. At first, I thought of this book as a non-fiction project, and I tried to approach it as a journalist, with interviews and research. But, eventually, I saw that what I really needed to know was something that only an act of imagination could deliver. The facts of their lives weren’t enough; I…

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