Author Q and A with Daphne Kalotay
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / May 4, 2011

Daphne Kalotay (website | Facebook |Reading Group Guide ) wrote her first book “Russian Winter” (book review) to great acclaim. I was very impressed with the research that went into the  book. I also found the book complex, not in a bad way of course and had some questions about and Ms. Kalotay was kind enough to answer a few questions I’ve had for her. The paperback edition includes discussion questions, a Q&A, a personal essay and recommended reading; Ms. Kalotay website has a dedicated For Book Groups page with tools for discussion and more. Q. “Russian Winter” deals with ballet and poetry. Do you think the two are connected? A. Definitely. Ballet is poetry without words. Poetry is physical and choreographed, a creation of sound and movement, creating its own visual patterns—on a page instead of a stage. And just as there are story ballets and abstract ballets, there are narrative poems and abstract poems. Just as there are love poems, celebratory poems, elegies, you’ll of course find ballets expressing all of these things. Formal poetry (sonnets, haiku, etc.) has its own accepted structure, just as traditional ballets follow general rules. Whatever the outward form, both dance and poetry…

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