Book Review: The Trinty Six by Charles Cumming
4 Stars , Fiction / March 15, 2011

I got this book for free. Article first published as Book Review: The Trinity Six by Charles Cumming on Blogcritics. My rating for The Trinity Six – 4 About: “The Trinity Six” by Charles Cumming (website) is a fictional spy thriller focusing on the theory that the Cambridge Five (a ring of English Trinity College students who were spies for Russia – Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean, John Cairncross, Anthony Blunt, and Kim Philby) had a sixth member. As always, what gets the politicians is usually never the act, but the cover up. 368 pages Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Language: English ISBN: 0312675291 Purchase “The Trinity Six” through the ManOfLaBook affiliate account on: Amazon |Book Depository US | Book Depository UK Thoughts: In “The Trinity Six” by Charles Cumming, the author takes one of the most notorious, written about spy rings ever and puts his spin on it. In this scenario there was a sixth man to the ring and the clues of the cover up go all the way up to the top of MI6. The book is a well conceived story and properly thought out. There are treacheries galore, double agents abound and a big secret which I will…

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