2011 Bookish Predictions
Opinion / January 6, 2011

Kirkus Reviews (Website | Facebook) has recently asked their followers to come up with a short article on their 2011 predictions for the book world. I took up the challenge, below are my predictions – if you like them (heck, even if you don’t) I’d appreciate a “Like” vote from you on this page (riches and glory are at stake) – just scroll down to my post in the comments section. The past year, 2010 was the “year of the eBook”, I believe that 2011 would be known as “year of the Indie” in the annals of publishing history. Serving the economic interest of authors and readers, independent publishing will no longer be the “last resort” for authors, but the first choice of many authors including prominent ones.  Those authors who have no difficulties getting published will go the independent route. | Authors, who will fully realize the economic incentives behind ePublishing independently, will be publishing faster, charge less yet make more and with greater flexibility.   Suddenly the readers will have access to short stories, volume discounts (in serial books) and many free incentives to read out of their comfort zone. | The eBook market will surpass 20% of book…

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