Book Review: Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar
4 Stars , Biblical Fiction / September 13, 2010

“Pearl in the Sand” by Tessa Afshar, a biblical fiction novel, is the story of Rahab, one of the most thought provoking women of the Jewish bible (the Old Testament), in the book of Joshua. Rahab is a woman of the city of Jericho and works in the world’s oldest profession, a prostitute as well as an inn keeper. Rahab earned praise in the bible because of her unique faith, as well as being of the lineage of Jesus.

Book Review: The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland by Jim DeFede
5 Stars , Non-Fiction / September 10, 2010

If I started reading a book about 9/11 and a few pages into it found that an American General, a CEO of an international clothing conglomerate, several members of the board of a wealthy charity, an NYPD detective and parents of a firefighter who is lost in the World Trade Center were stuck in a small Canadian town in the middle of Newfoundland (not to mention a long-lost native son) I would have put the book away with a chuckle and started a new one. Nevertheless, this is not fiction and the events really happen. 244 pages ISBN-13 : 978-0060559717 Publisher : Regan Books Language : English My rating for The Day the World Came to Town – 5 Buy The Day the World Came to Town from* More Books by Jim DeFede* “The Day the World Came to Town:” by Jim DeFede tells the non-fiction story of the 38 commercial flights, which have been diverted away from the United States due to closure of the airports, only to land the small town of Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.  The passengers were forced to spend four days in the town before being allowed to go on their way, but those four…

Book Review: The Unlikely Spy by Daniel Silva
5 Stars , Fiction , Historical Fiction / September 8, 2010

Vicary is a spy catcher – he does his job well until realizing that a small group of German sleeper agents trained by Abwehr officer Kurt Vogel are still in Britain. The threat is that the German agents could discover the secrets to the invasion and allow the Germans to setup a proper defense line (or call the invasion off) and the invasion would fail.

Book Review: Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann
2 Stars , Fiction / September 6, 2010

“Let the Great World Spin” by Colum McCann is a series of well written short stories, which ultimately get intertwined. These fictional stories happen around the cultural touchstone of Philippe Petit stringing a cable between the two towers of the World Trade Center and walking the distance, to the amazement of the people below.

New Business Model? Advertising in Books
Opinion / September 2, 2010

As we all probably already figured out, the publishing business model is in trouble.  With the rising popularity of eBooks as eReaders drop in price what profit is there in retail book selling? Learning their lesson well from the faux pas of the music industry, the publishing world does not want to force consumers to buy the products they want to sell.  Rather they would like to supply the products consumers want to buy.  By no means will printed books go away anytime soon, but the industry has to look into the future and, frankly, face the inevitable.   Book sales have steadily decreased for about a decade while production costs have risen steadily, since for many books both a physical and a digital edition must be produced (even though I don’t understand why, at this age every book is digital first).  As the music industry found out that at $0.99 song is less profitable than forcing you to buy a $20 CD, book publishers are also learning that a $9.99 eBook is less profitable than their $25 hardcover sibling.   Personally, I have no issue with them making less, no-one is entitled to my money.   Yes, Virginia –…

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