Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 5 October, 2013

Congress has shut down the government.
Almost a million people are staying home, parks are closed, national monuments, the nation is wasting money (a shutdown costs money) and Congress is… drinking on the job!
I might be one of the few who watch CSPAN, but the display on the floor of Congress was an embarrassing show of partisanship and finger pointing. World War II veterans made a big news splash when they were turned away from the WWII memorial,  a bunch of Congressmen and women came by to “let them in” and, oh yeah, get some face time on TV to blame the other party. Hypocritically, many who were there were responsible for the shut down to begin with.

This shutdown has brought up many good questions:
– Is this how the system suppose to work? When a small, extremist part of the government can take the whole country hostage because they don’t like something.
– Are we still a nation of laws?
– When does a law become a law?
– Who are these millionaires we vote into office?
– Are preliminary elections necessary (because only extremists can win them)?

Ultimately it is the fault of “We the People” not only because we voted those fools into office and, to our shame, most of them will get their job back on the next election.
But that’s a different issue altogether.


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