Twitter Update for Week Ending 28 September, 2013

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This week we marked Banned Book Week, a national celebration of freedom to read and stupidity of school boards all across the country. I find it very hypocritical that those people who usually boast about the “freedoms we have” are usually the ones to be at the forefront of censorship.

Even my favorite book, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra  (who celebrates his birthday today – see some Fun Facts about Cervantes) has been banned. That’s right, the book which is widely thought of as the world’s first modem novel, a novel which is still funny, tragic and relevant to this day was banned for … “supporting individual freedom and attacking authority“.

And here I am, thinking I couldn’t like this book more!!!


Image from Rachel Moani: The Crafty Life of an Almost Librarian

Zohar – Man of la Book

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