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This week I thought I'll find some free books deal­ing with World War II. If you fol­low this blog you know that I read a lot of WWII books, I find that period in his­tory both hor­ri­fy­ing and fas­ci­nat­ing at the same time. With each book I read, I dis­cover some­thing new, some new fact or story. There were tremen­dous acts of dis­grace and hor­ror, but also many acts (unfor­tu­nately not as many) of human­ity and kindness.

At the time of this post, the books below were free or $2.99 — please check before downloading.




The Battle of Stalingrad: A Very Brief History by Mark Black


The Bat­tle of Stal­in­grad: A Very Brief His­tory
by Mark Black

Dig­i­tal List Price: $2.99
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You Save: $2.99 (100%)

Want to learn more about his­tory, but don’t think you have the time? Think again.

The Bat­tle of Stal­in­grad was one of the most impor­tant cam­paigns of the war in Europe, inflict­ing huge losses on the Ger­man forces; losses from which they never really recov­ered. This is the story of a bat­tle raged for almost seven months, and was often fought from street to street, with sol­diers engaged in close quar­ters com­bat. By the end, the num­ber of casu­al­ties reached around two mil­lion, includ­ing large num­bers of civilians.

The Very Brief His­tory series is intended to give the reader a short, con­cise account of the most impor­tant events in world his­tory. Each book pro­vides the reader with the essen­tial facts con­cern­ing a par­tic­u­lar event or per­son; no dis­trac­tions, just the essen­tial facts, allow­ing the reader to mas­ter the sub­ject in the short­est time possible.

With The Very Brief His­tory series, any­one can become a his­tory expert!




Tarantella: A Love Story by Siomonn Pulla



Taran­tella: A Love Story
by Siomonn Pulla

Dig­i­tal List Price: $0.99
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You Save: $0.99 (100%)

Two men, one woman, and an ancient and dan­ger­ous Ital­ian tradition.

The strong bond between First Class Ital­ian Air Force Mechanic, Marco Del­gobo, and Cana­dian Pri­vate Peter McMil­lan, is tested by the power of love and the magic of two very old witches in an ancient medieval vil­lage in the foothills of Molise Italy. The two men must escape the retreat­ing Nazi occu­pa­tion of Italy and face death to win the heart of Limosano's beau­ti­ful Carmella.




The Spear of Destiny by ME Brines


The Spear of Des­tiny
by ME Brines

super­nat­ural alter­nate his­tory novella

The Spear of Des­tiny is the story of spe­cial oper­a­tions agent Stu­art Macken­zie and his mis­sion to steal an ancient arti­fact from the Wewels­burg, a medieval fortress the SS had turned into an occult research cen­ter. A the­o­log­i­cal stu­dent before his wartime expe­ri­ences left him doubt­ing a God who would allow such suf­fer­ing, he finds him­self sent to steal the very spear that pieced the side of Christ. But is it all just munbo-jumbo, or does the Spear have real pow­ers? And what are the Nazis doing with it? Was the Holo­caust merely an insane act of a racist mad­man? Or an inge­niously evil way to pro­vide the human sac­ri­fices needed to cast a war-winning enchantment?

9 Lives: An Oral History by Aaron Elson

9 Lives: An Oral His­tory
by Aaron Elson

Dig­i­tal List Price: $2.99 
Print List Price: $13.95
Kin­dle Price: $0.00 includes free wire­less deliv­ery via Ama­zon Whispernet
You Save: $13.95 (100%)

"After the bat­tle, we picked up a Ger­man sol­dier who had been wounded," said Arnold Brown, who was a com­pany com­man­der in the 90th Infantry Divi­sion dur­ing World War II. "He had been shot in the leg with a .50-caliber bul­let, and he had laid out overnight in this freez­ing, sub­zero weather. Both his arms and both of his legs were frozen stiff as a board. He begged us to shoot him. …"
Brown's is one of nine nar­ra­tives drawn from oral his­tory inter­views con­ducted by Aaron Elson, founder of the World War II Oral His­tory and author of "Tanks for the Mem­o­ries." Each story is as com­pelling and dra­matic as it is a small but impor­tant piece of his­tory.
"I couldn't do it," Brown went on. "I asked for a vol­un­teer. Even if he sur­vived, he'd have to have both arms and both legs ampu­tated, and this could have been a mercy killing. But these bat­tle hard­ened sol­diers that had been fight­ing the Ger­mans a few min­utes before would not vol­un­teer. One sol­dier, out of sym­pa­thy for the suf­fer­ing and brav­ery of this sol­dier, lit a cig­a­rette and held it to his lips. Another sol­dier brought him a hot cup of cof­fee and held it so he could get cof­fee until we got the lit­ter jeep up there and sent him to the rear."
This col­lec­tion also includes three accounts of the tragic Kas­sel Mis­sion bomb­ing raid of Sept. 27, 1944, on which 25 B-24 Lib­er­a­tors of the 445th Bomb Group were shot down in a sin­gle bat­tle, result­ing in the high­est one-day losses for a sin­gle bomb group in 8th Air Force history.




Tracking Down Gruppenführer Kunitz (Simon Wolfe Mystery) by David Del Bourgo


Track­ing Down Grup­pen­führer Kunitz (Simon Wolfe Mys­tery)
by David Del Bourgo

Dig­i­tal List Price: $0.99
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You Save: $0.99 (100%)

Ten years before Simon Wolfe was an inspec­tor on the San Fran­cisco Police Depart­ment, he assas­si­nated Nazis. In this Pre­quel to the mys­tery novel Prague Spring, Simon works with his lover Mara in 1949 pre-war Paris to track down a low-level Ger­man adju­tant who reported to an S.S. offi­cer named Grup­pen­führer Kunitz. When Mara guesses the adju­tant is still in touch with his old boss Kunitz, she comes up with a plan to use seduc­tion to find Kunitz's where­abouts. Simon must keep the lid on his jeal­ousy as he helps Mara break the adjutant's heart. If you enjoy this pre­quel to the novel Prague Spring, also by David Del Bourgo, down­load Prague Spring to find out how Simon Wolfe comes to the U.S. and becomes an inspec­tor with the San Fran­cisco Police, and how he is black­mailed with his past as an assas­sin in order to back him off an inves­ti­ga­tion into the death of a U.S. Congressman's son.




World War ll London Blitz Diary (A Woman's Revelations Enduring War and Marriage) (1939-1940) [Kindle Edition] Ruby Alice Side-Thompson (Author), Victoria Aldridge-Washuk (Editor), Adele Thompson-Aldridge (Illustrator)


World War ll Lon­don Blitz Diary (A Woman's Rev­e­la­tions Endur­ing War and Mar­riage) (1939–1940)
Ruby Alice Side-Thompson (Author), Vic­to­ria Aldridge-Washuk (Edi­tor), Adele Thompson-Aldridge (Illustrator)

Dig­i­tal List Price: $0.99
Print List Price: $9.95
Kin­dle Price: $0.00 includes free wire­less deliv­ery via Ama­zon Whispernet
You Save: $9.95 (100%)

Imag­ine your­self see­ing hun­dreds of Messer­schmitt war planes over­head and hear­ing the explo­sion of bombs being dropped around you. Won­der­ing if this is the day one will fall on your house.

Ruby Side Thompson’s per­sonal diary was writ­ten dur­ing the ter­ri­fy­ing World War Two Lon­don Blitz. Her diary is a true and detailed account of what she expe­ri­enced dur­ing that hor­rific time. The diary chron­i­cles Ruby's strug­gle to sur­vive in the midst of a hor­ren­dous war, where Lon­don is bombed nightly.

Ruby speaks can­didly about her unhap­pi­ness endur­ing an unsat­is­fac­tory mar­riage. She was the mother of seven sons, two of whom were enlisted in the R.A.F. One of which became an amputee as the result of hit­ting a land mine and the other son was cap­tured and sent to a con­cen­tra­tion camp as a pris­oner of war. Her tale is a mix of the com­mon­place and the his­toric as seen through her eyes.

The diary was an out­let for Ruby’s thoughts and feel­ings that could not be spo­ken out loud; how­ever, in pub­lish­ing the diary it gives read­ers an hon­est and unfil­tered look back at a time that may have been long since forgotten.

Join Ruby on her try­ing jour­ney as she tries to keep her life and fam­ily together dur­ing this dif­fi­cult time in history.

This is vol­ume one of a four vol­ume series writ­ten by Ruby Alice Side Thompson.



The Diary of a RAF Lancaster Bomber Pilot  by Les Joy


The Diary of a RAF Lan­caster Bomber Pilot  
by Les Joy

Dig­i­tal List Price: $4.99
Kin­dle Price: $0.00 includes free wire­less deliv­ery via Ama­zon Whispernet
You Save: $4.99 (100%)

My name is Leslie Joy (Les to my friends), and I was born on the 16th March 1923 in Brad­ford, York­shire. This is my true story of how at the age of 19 I joined the RAF, fell in love with a Tiger Moth, got my wings and flew as a Lan­caster Bomber pilot in World War II, and sur­vived – just!

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