Book Review: The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless Frontier by Imtiaz Gul

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Dis­claimer — The book I read is an advanced uncor­rected proof which I received for free.

Book Review: The Most Dangerous Place Pakistans Lawless Frontier by Imtiaz Gul

The book gets its title from a speech Pres­i­dent Obama made on March, 2009: "For the Amer­i­can peo­ple, this bor­der region has become the most dan­ger­ous place in the world,"

This scrupu­lous cov­er­age of Pak­istan was writ­ten by the knowl­edge­able Imtiaz Gul. The author does not only quote ref­er­ence mate­r­ial but also an array of impres­sive per­sonas he per­son­ally spoke to. For me, the ele­ment of per­sonal knowl­edge gave this book immense cred­i­bil­ity and I ulti­mately viewed the author's insights as expert opinions.

Mr. Gul is cer­tainly an expert on the sub­ject and breezes through acronyms, even though to his credit he explains who they are / were sev­eral times in the nar­ra­tive — for those who need more infor­ma­tion there is a com­pre­hen­sive syn­op­sis of mil­i­tants and orga­ni­za­tions in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

This is the first book I read on the sub­ject and, for me, it was a dif­fi­cult read. Even though I highly rec­om­mend the book as a guide to every­one from civil­ians to pol­icy mak­ers, I don't think it is a good first-book because of the exhaust­ing infor­ma­tion thrown at the reader at blaz­ing speed. At times the book left the nar­ra­tive and threw lists of dates of cer­tain events at the unknowl­edge­able reader.

How­ever, if you are already famil­iar with the sub­ject of Pak­istan, this book would be an excel­lent edi­tion to your library of knowl­edge and a great resource to any­one need­ing a thor­ough and com­pre­hen­sive nar­ra­tive.

My rat­ing for The Most Dan­ger­ous Place: Pakistan's Law­less Fron­tier: 4

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