Book Review: The Volunteer by Salvatore Scibona
5 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / March 25, 2019

About: The Volunteer by Salvatore Scibona is a generational saga, spanning about 100 years in which the effects of the Vietnam War are felt. Mr. Scibona is an award winning American author and writer of short stories.  432 pages Publisher: Penguin Press Language: English ISBN-10: 0525558527 My rating for Books – 5– Buy The Volunteer from* More Books by Salvatore Scibona* Thoughts: The Volunteer by Salvatore Scibona is a man’s novel. A book about men, the intimate relationships of one to himself, fathers and sons and how the traumatic effects of one generation affect the next, and even the one after that. This is a sprawling story, which moves through geography, culture, and time in a deliberate, yet non-linear manner. The author allows us to see how men see themselves, and how the mind works allowing the characters to wander outside of themselves into places which do not exist. The theme of disappearing seems to be a constant throughout this  novel. Vollie seems to always try to disappear, he runs away to the Marines, shamed by his parents’ illiteracy, disappears from a secret government job, and even his family, but he always finds out, sometimes too late, that his disappearing act was often a decades long illusion. Vollie’s…

Book Review: Flesh by Khanh Ha
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / July 3, 2012

Article first published as Book Review: Flesh by Khanh Ha on Blogcritics. About: Flesh by Khanh Ha is a novel taking place in Vietnam and China. It is a coming of age story in a dark time of a young man’s life. The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one copy of this book— use the Raf­fle­copter form at the end of the post to enter. 368 pages Publisher: Black Heron Press (June 15, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 0930773888 My rating for Flesh – 4 Buy this book in paper format Thoughts: As I read Flesh, Khanh Ha’s debut novel, it seemed to me that the story is almost dreamlike. A dream in that early hours of a hot morning where you are still in between sleeping and waking up. Your conscious mind taps into your unforgotten but repressed memories which lash out in vicious force with unforgiving storylines. While not always bad, these dreams have a tendency to shape the day or the week with their brutal honesty and, quite honestly, make excellent stories. The novel starts with a beheading and ends with a beheading, both of them witnessed by the protagonist, Tai, a teenage boy who is thrust into manhood after his father is executed (beheading…

Book Review: The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli
5 Stars , Fiction / January 11, 2011

I got this book for free as part of the TLC Book Tour promotion. St. Martin’s Griffin has made available one (1) copy of “The Lotus Eaters”  to be given to one lucky winner – enter below. My  rating for The Lotus Eaters – 5 About: “The Lotus Eaters” by Tatjana Soli (Website) is a fictional book about the Vietnam War.  Helen Adams is a combat photographer, a woman “in a young man’s profession” is drawn to Vietnam after the loss of her brother in combat. Get a discount on “The Lotus Eaters” through the ManOfLaBook affiliate account on: Amazon |Book Depository US | Book Depository UK Thoughts: The phrase “Lotus Eaters” comes from Homer’s “Odyssey” and refers for one’s will to return home being robbed away from them.  This is a clue to the rest of the book and how Helen, who is so used to documenting savagery through the eye of the lens, will find life at the US unwearyingly boring. Helen is emotionally detached from her subject through the lens of the camera.  She documents atrocities but feels safe and distanced from behind her instrument.  Soli does an excellent job bringing to the reader the uncompromising horror…

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