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Book Review: Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Article first published as Book Review: Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Blogcritics. About: Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger is an autobiography of the famous actor, politician and champion body builder. While the life that Mr. Schwarzenegger has led are indeed astonishing, this book is more of a political memoir […]

Thoughts on: Private Empire by Steve Coll

Article first published as Book Review: Private Empire by Steve Coll on Blogcritics. About: Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power by Steve Coll is a non-fiction book about the influence ExxonMobil yields over world economy and politics. While the book has many aspects of the company’s agenda, whether it be science or politics, with clarity and zest. The pub­lisher […]

Author Q&A with Sebastian Gibson

Sebastian Gibson (web­site | Twit­ter | Face­book), author of Nitt Witt Hill (my thoughts), has a diverse career, from actor, entertainer to lawyer. His book is a biting commentary which, sadly enough, brings out the hypocritical truths of politics. Q. What made you write a fictional satire about US politics? A.  I can’t imagine not […]

Thoughts on: Nitt Witt Hill by Sebastian Gibson

Article first published as Book Review: Nitt Witt Hill by Sebast­ian Gib­son on Blogcritics. About: Nitt Witt Hill by Sebastian Gibson is a political satire which brings forward the absurdities of today’s politics. Unfortunately we call these absurdities “news”. The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one copy to two winners of this book— enter at the end of the post. 248 […]

Thoughts on: The Wounded Giant by Michael O’Hanlon

About: The Wounded Giant: America’s Armed Forces in an Age of Austerity  by Michael O’Hanlon is a non-fiction eBook in which the author lays out his ideas for military budget cuts. The book is available only in as an eBook by The Penguin Press. 256 pages Publisher: The Penguin Press HC ISBN: 1594205035 My rating for The […]

Book Review: The Soprano State by Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure

I bought this book. The movie Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption The Documentary: Part One is coming out today – if you want a funny, sad, poignent and thought provoking movie this is the one for you. | My rating for The Soprano State – 5   About: “The Soprano State: New Jersey’s […]

Book Review: John Quincy Adams by Paul C. Nagel

I borrowed this book from the local library. I set a goal to read, in order, all of the biographies of the presidents of the United States who have passed away. My rating for John Quincy Adams: A Public Life, A Private Life – 4 About: “John Quincy Adams: A Public Life, A Private Life” […]

Book Review: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford

I bought this book. In ” Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World” author Jack Weatherford shows that history is not simple. It is a mistake we learn in our schools when we are taught history through memorizing dates in a linear fashion. History is alive, it is complex and there are always […]

Book Review: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

I bought this book. Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow is coming out soon; I thought I’d revisit one of my favorite biographies – Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton“. I’ve read this book several years ago when it first came out, but it left a huge impression on me. My rating for Alexander Hamilton – 5 In […]

Book Review: The Confirmation by Ralph Reed

I got this book for free. “The Confirmation” by Ralph Reed is a fictional political thriller set in the near future. The book starts with the election of Bob Long for the presidency. President Long is the first independent president and, even though he doesn’t know it, is in for rollercoaster ride. Early in Long’s […]