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Book Review: A Death in Vienna by Daniel Silva

About: “A Death in Vienna” by Daniel Silva (website) is the fourth book in the fictional Gabriel Allon series. The book touches on revenge and justice themes. 416 pages Publisher: Putnam Adult ISBN: 9780399151439 My rating for A Death in Vienna – 5 Buy & Save on “A Death in Vienna” through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate […]

Book Review: Peace in the Making edited by Harry Hurwitz and Yisrael Medad

I got this book for free. My rating for Peace in the Making – 4 About: “Peace in the Making: The Menachem Begin Anwar Sadat Personal Correspondence” edited by Harry Hurwitz and Yisrael Medad is the complete correspondence between the Israeli prime minister and the Egyptian president during the historic peace making efforts. The book […]

Book Review: The Stairway to Heaven by Therese Zrihen-Dvir

I got this book for free. Attention Book Bloggers: After this review was published I got several nasty and personally insulting emails & comments on LibraryThing (as well as the comments below).  I do not want to engage in this type of mud slugging hence I will not publish the emails; However, just be aware […]

Book Review: Hero The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia by Michael Korda

I bought this book. My rating for Hero – 5   About: “Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia” by Michael Korda is a biography of Englishman Thomas Edward (T.E.) Lawrence better known by his nickname. The biography follows Lawrence from his birth to his early death. Purchase “Hero” through the ManOfLaBook affiliate […]

Book Review: Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest by Amos Oz

I got this eBook for free. Article first published as Book Review: Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest by Amos Oz on Blogcritics. My rating for Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest – 4 About: “Suddenly In the Depths of the Forest” by award winning Israeli author Amos Oz (archive)  is a short […]

Book Review: The English Assassin by Daniel Silva

I borrowed this book from the local library. My rating for The English Assassin – 4 About: “The English Assassin” is the second installment of the fictional Gabriel Allon series, where we find our sensitive and scarred spy taking on the Swiss bankers who helped the Nazis during WWII and are still hiding old Jewish money […]

Book Review: Son of Hamas by Mosab Hasson Yousef

I borrowed this eBook. “Son of Hamas” by Mosab Hasson Yousef is a gripping autobiography of a man who is caught between his own morality and what is expected of him by his community. Mosab is the son of a Hamas leader who is caught and jailed by the Shin Bet (Israel’s internal security services). […]

Book Review: The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva

The Kill Artist   is a well written spy novel, filled with details in all the right places as well as several characters from Silva’s previous novels and wonderful political popcorn for those of us that care. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Book Review: A Voice Called: Stories of Jewish Heroism by Yossi Katz

The stories are very interesting, Mr. Katz has picked a handful of people he considered Jewish heroes (at least one is not Jewish though) and gives us some short details about their lives, what made them heroes and drawing a line between them and the biblical Jewish heroes as well as their spirit.

Book Review: Delilah by India Edghill

This attempt at biblical fiction not a re-telling of the story of Samson, but a complete overhaul of the familiar story – a re-imagining if you will. The bible doesn’t tell us much about Samson’s wife, or even Delilah (except that she was beautiful, Samson’s love, of the Valley of Sorek and one heck of a nag), so a lot is left to the imagination.

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