Book Review: Jet by Russell Blake
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / June 4, 2019

About: Jet by Russell Blake is the first book in  a series about a former Israeli Mossad assassin. Mr. Blake is an international best selling author of action/adventure novels. 292 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Language: English ISBN-10: 1500176109 My rating for Jet – 4 Buy Jet from* More Books by Russell Blake* Thoughts: I enjoyed reading Jet by Russell Blake, a fast and violent book with a female protagonist. Even though it is exciting, the plot felt formulaic with no big surprises. I thought the author used the same shtick as many other authors to humanize a female protagonist in many other books. The protagonist is has an abusive past, but someone is still tagged as “assassin material”. I haven’t met many assassins or spies during my life, but people who become work in that field don’t usually come from that kind of past – the best spies don’t look like models, but those that can melt in the background and disappear. They’re also not full with rage, or they’ll last one assignment, at the most. I really liked the idea of the novel though, a tough lady, retired from intelligence apparatus by faking her death, than being sucked back in. strangely, for a foreigner…

Book Review: Death in Shangri-La by Yigal Zur
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / May 29, 2019

It took me about a quarter of the book to realize that I’m actually reading two different stories, in two different tones. The first, a noir style narrative, reminiscent of Cold War novels, where an operative, Dotan Naor, is a macho, somewhat sexist loaner being forced to work with a partner who is out of her element. The second, a narrative a-la a travel guide about India, its history, geography and culture.

Book Review: Amazing Jewish Heroes Down Through The Ages by David Richard Goldberg
4 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / February 11, 2019

About: Amazing Jewish Heroes Down Through The Ages by David Richard Goldberg consists of short biographies of famous Jews. This is Mr. Goldberg’s second book. 208 pages Publisher: Gefen Publishing House Language: English ISBN-10: 9652298816   My rating for Amazing Jewish Heroes Down Through The Ages – 4 Buy Amazing Jewish Heroes Down Through The Ages from* More books by David Richard Goldberg* Thoughts: Ever since I was a child I enjoyed short non-fiction stories, I remember looking for these books (inventors were my favorite) in every library or book shop I went into. Amazing Jewish Heroes Down Through The Ages by David Richard Goldberg is exactly the kind of book I would have liked as a young man, short, to the point, tells good stories, and keeps my attention. The book goes through the biographies in logical, chronological order of eleven biographies. Starting with Queen Esther and Rabbi Akiva, ending with current Israeli leaders. The author includes two American Jewish heroes, Haym Salomon, a financier of the American Revolution which made the victory at Yorktown possible, as well as Commodore  Uriah Phillips Levy, the first Jewish man to rise to that rank (he served during the American Civil War), and…

Book Review: My Brother Job by Shemi Zarhin
5 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / December 26, 2018

About: My Brother Job by Shemi Zarhin is an Israeli novel, unfortunately this novel has not been translated (yet?) into English. Mr. Zarhin is an author and movie directory.   424 pages Publisher: Keter Books (2017) ASIN: B076455LBQ   My rating for My Brother Job – 5 Books by Shemi Zarhin* Thoughts: The way My Brother Job by Shemi Zarhin is written is almost biblical, very lyrical almost as if it belongs to a different day and age. Regardless of the story-line, the words just flow one after another in perfect harmony. The plot is fast, interwoven with true events and one never really knows where fiction starts and reality ends. Job is a wonderful protagonist, he is likeable most of the time, and very conflicted (maybe even schizophrenic). I really enjoyed the way the author toyed with words. I did not find the writing cumbersome at all, but instead enjoyed the way the words rolled, I even had to read some passages out loud, simply because it was clear to me that this was the way the author meant for them to be read. I was never sure about anything in this story, at the end I was starting to doubt…

Fun Facts Friday: Leon Uris
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / August 3, 2018

Leon Uris (3 August, 1924 – 21 June, 2003) was an American author who is mostly known for his two historical fiction books Exodus and Trinity. Books by Leon Uris* The author was born in Baltimore, MD – son of a Polish immigrant. His father, Wolf William married Anna Blumberg, a first generation Russian American. It is said that at age six Mr. Uris wrote an operetta about the death of his dog. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor Uris, then 17, joined the Marine Corps. He served in the South Pacific and saw combat in Guadalcanal and Tarawa. The young Marine fell ill with dengue fever and malaria. While recuperating in San Francisco he met Betty Beck, a Marine sergeant. They were married in 1945. After he got discharged, Mr. Uris worked at a newspaper while writing. His novel Battle Cry, depicting the Marines in the Pacific, was a best seller. Uris helped write the script for the movie which was a crowd favorite. In 1958 Mr. Uris published Exodus, which went on to become his best known novel. In order to finance the book, Mr. Uris sold the rights to the movie in advanced, and wrote newspaper articles…

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